About MyArtWalk

MyArtWalk was born out of the desire to provide visitors interested in art with an instrument that provides them with a clear overview of current and upcoming exhibitions of contemporary art in the galleries, museums and art spaces of a city and enables them to make the best possible art tour. The MyArtWalk app was launched in Munich in April 2018, other cities, such as Berlin, will follow in 2019.

MyArtWalk can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play Store.

What does MyArtWalk do?

  1. Everything at a glance, don’t miss anything anymore
    MyArtWalk shows all current and future exhibitions with photos and information at a glance – events can be transferred directly to the calendar.
  2. All opening hours are integrated
    With the flexible timeline, the visitor immediately recognizes which visit period is ideal for one or more exhibitions – no more tedious adjustment of opening times, MyArtWalk shows you the time and logistically optimized tour.
  3. The perfect tour with just a few clicks
    You can search for exhibitions in your preferred city area, by your preferred art style, near you…, add the exhibitions to your ArtWalk and be guided by the app (Google Maps is integrated).

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