artoxin – contemporary art apart from the mainstream

The name of our gallery is coincidently program. Art and toxin. We open up the poison cabinet symbolically. Risks and side effects of irritation, sensory irritation, critical confrontation and defense up to enthusiasm and infatuation are desired. Be it as an antidote to “mainstream” and arbitrariness or as productive irritation – the (toxic) effect is what counts! Since the beginning of 2014, Angelika Donhärl and Gottfried Düren have been working together on an exhibition program that shows young artistic positions from Munich, but the View increasingly aims at the international art scene. In their exhibitions, which were worked out together with the artists, the works are not presented as “goods”. Instead, as materialized discourses, as objects / condensates, they invite you to communicate and to confront the viewer with uncomfortable questions about the reality of life in our society.