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BUNGALOW – presenting Juan Antonio Olivares at the Gallery Weekend

For his exhibition at Bungalow, Vespula Vulgaris, Juan Antonio Olivares (b. 1988, Bayamón, Puerto Rico) presents a sound-sculpture exploring the connection between the natural world and our subconscious impulses. This project stems from a series of hypnosis sessions he underwent and has transcribed and re-recorded. Images and gestures become vehicles for change in the narrations. Metaphors encapsulating the irresoluteness of feelings take physical form.

Olivares distorts the transcription by splicing and mixing a free-associative accompaniment of wasps buzzing, trap beats, geological field recordings, musical excerpts and archival footage. The result is a visceral soundscape summoning the viewer to engage with a meditative narrative.

Experimenting between digital animation, video and sound installation, sculpture and drawing, Olivares’ practice is characterised by his empathic insight into human emotions, hopes and anxieties. Acknowledging an inevitably digital present, he questions the functional drive of current technologies with the less quantifiable aspects of our humanity.

BUNGALOW is a new space located in the basement of ChertLüdde dedicated to young contemporary artists. The aim of BUNGALOW is to provide further emphasis on the research-based aspect of the gallery program, by inviting a new generation of artists to develop a project specific to the space and context. BUNGALOW projects occur by invitation from the gallery.