Galerie Biró – Jewellery as an artistic medium   

Olga Zobel Biró opened Galerie Biró not far from the city’s large art museums in Munich Schwabing in 1992.

With international exhibitions in Sarajevo, Melbourne, Tallinn, Nicosia and Budapest, the gallery has brought contemporary jewellery to a wider audience. Through continuous curating and consulting work in Cagnes sur Mer, gallery Biró has established an unique location for contemporary jewellery in France. The exhibitions there are dedicated generally to a particular country and are always accompanied by a catalogue. In 2016, the museum Villa Stuck in Munich produced their own catalogue for their presentation of Biró’s French exhibition GlAmour.

In 2010, Kinga Zobel became a partner in the gallery and has broadened its scope through her own projects.

Through the mainly solo exhibitions held in the gallery, and through the gallery’s participation in international fairs, they offer insight into the astonishing range of contemporary art jewellery, showing both the leading names in the field, as well as up and coming talent.

Advising and informing collectors and visitors is an important part of the gallery’s portfolio.

The Team, Olga Zobel and Kinga Zobel