Klosterfelde Edition – presents Jorinde Voigt with ‘Prototypes and Multiples’ at the Gallery Weekend

For her exhibition with Klosterfelde Edition, Jorinde Voigt – who is mostly known for her unique, large-scale drawings – experiments with spatial explorations of her usual two-dimensional examinations of perceptual and epistemological questions.

The exhibition features a range of prototypes and multiples that present themselves not as hermetically sealed or at a distance from the viewer, but as physical objects with potential usability, playfully questioning their own functionality and integration into everyday life. At the same time – at a surface level – they embody artistic explorations of topics such as scope, proportion and stability. As such, they mark a shift in Voigt‘s practice into a spatially open visual vocabulary, which offers new opportunities for the audience to uncover and experience the underlying concepts behind the artist’s work.