Peres Projects – Beth Letain at the Gallery Weekend Berlin

Beth Letain is a former micro-biologist who shifted her focus to painting 10 years ago. Since then she has worked within an intentionally limited vocabulary of forms which reference circuitry, portals and mitosis, all points of transfer, duplication and connection. While relentlessly pursuing the minimal forms which preoccupy her, Letain embraces mistakes and uncertainty in her work. The pursuit of forms whose meanings are decipherable only to the artist represents the ultimate form of self realization. Beth Letain laboriously applies gesso, layer by layer and sands it down until it becomes a rich, velvety surface. This deliberately long process is contrasted by the fast, almost gestural execution of the formal shapes in oil paint.

Founded by Javier Peres in San Francisco, California in 2002, Peres Projects is a Berlin-based gallery promoting contemporary artists to an international audience. Gallery artists have been included in a wide array of internationally renowned exhibitions and their works are regularly exhibited by leading museums. Working closely with collectors, art advisors, and institutions, the gallery assists in building important collections of contemporary art. In keeping with our mission to advance the careers of the artists whom we exhibit and represent, we regularly participate in leading international art fairs and publish artist books, monographs and catalogs. Since the gallery’s inception, it has operated project spaces and presented important exhibitions of contemporary art in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Athens, Stockholm, and Berlin.