WENTRUP – presenting Florian Meisenberg & David Renggli at the Gallery Weekend

For Gallery Weekend Berlin 2019 Wentrup presents a joint exhibition by New York based artist Florian Meisenberg (born 1980 in Berlin) and Zurich based artist David Renggli (born 1974 in Zurich) in the gallery’s new space in Berlin’s Charlottenburg district. Surrounded by bourgeois houses from the turn of the century, this striking brick building from 1928 in the style of Neue Sachlichkeit stands on Knesebeckstrasse. The house belongs to a listed ensemble that was originally used by the post office.

Florian Meisenberg’s practice experiments with the possibilities of the depicted image. Much of his work reflects self-consciously upon both the process of painting and the specific boundaries of the medium. His investigations have led him to paint both figuratively as well as abstractly, playing with issues of scale that create complex installations (or environments), and explore the permutations of different materials (whether those used for support or types of paint or digital media), all in the service of expanding the potential of non-verbal communication. These are works that in their constant awareness of the constructed nature of visual experience nevertheless present to viewers images containing the expressive power of an unmediated here and now. For Gallery Weekend Berlin Meisenberg, will present a new series of paintings.

David Renggli will show new works from his series Desire Painting. In these works Renggli zooms into the support material of painting, canvas, and penetrates with a microscopic gaze through the thinned-out paint surface in the foreground. Through the superimposition of various levels of figures (only graphically alluded to in the foreground) on the one hand, and motifs hidden behind the wide-meshed grid on the other hand, multi-part pictorial possibilities, almost impossible to grasp, emerge in the interstices.